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In these years after I went back into the reorganized Industrial Commission, Al Smith was at the very top of his powers. He'd been defeated by Nathan Miller for the previous term and then had come back in this term with a very strong support. His support for this reelected term was largely because of the satisfaction of the people with the social advancements and improvements which he had recommended and that the Miller administration had not put through. The Reconstruction Commission of the State of New York had merely made its recommendations towards the end of Smith's first term - it was then a two-year term - and they hadn't been put into effect. Those Reconstruction Commission recommendations were very important. They had a great appeal for the people. There was a basic social philosophy running through them. They were modern. They greatly improved the organization of the state for meeting modern social demands. They looked forward to the improvement of the park system, the utilization of the parks for public purposes; the great development of the public health service and the

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