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you ever taste such terrible food? You'd think they'd get decent food, edible food.” When they were in Washington everybody sneered at the White House food, and with reason. It was terrible. It was unnecessarily poor. That was partly through thriftiness and partly because Mrs. Roosevelt never either knew or cared whether the food was good. Food didn't mean anything to the President. He liked anything that was given and ate anything that was put before him. He never gave it much thought. I've heard people ask him, “What would you like for lunch? I'd like to give you something you'd like.”

He would look sort of vague and look around, saying, “Well, what about some scrambled eggs?” He always said the same thing. It was the only food he could ever think of if you asked him what he wanted. It wasn't that he didn't like other things too, but he couldn't remember anything but scrambled eggs. Later, I'll discuss the perfectly terrible food we had when the King and Queen of England were here.

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