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next term. Really and truly we just got going. John Mitchell died during this time. I was a member of the Commission when he died and remember his funeral as though it were yesterday. It was a great, big, enormous, public funeral. During Governor Nathan Miller's administration, which was the next two years, the whole Commission was reorganized on a different pattern. We had just gotten some reforms started and the program made, leaving the pattern of a five-headed commission, but providing for some executive direction and so forth and specialized responsibilities, when Smith was defeated and Miller was elected. Miller came in and somebody made a recommendation to him for the reorganization of the Commission. Then the Commission was reorganized. They abolished the Commission. They provided for an Industrial Commissioner, called the Industrial Commissioner. Then an Industrial Board, with the quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial powers of the previous commission - powers required by the law - was set up. There are all through the compensation law and the labor law requirements for quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative functions. They appointed an Industrial Board that had three members. That was established during Miller's administration. Henry Sayer became the Industrial Commissioner. The members of the Industrial Board were John D. Higgins, Richard H. Curran and Rosalie Loew Whitney -

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