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the public sidewalk to go into the building. I remember that plainly because it created such consternation. He hadn't yet reached the machine where he worked, but he was in the course of his employment because he would not otherwise have been going into that building. It was a good decision. Don't you remember that Benjamin Cardozo was on the Court then? He said to somebody that you had made new law with two or three of your decisions.”

I hadn't remembered it, but when she reminded me I did remember. I had never known Cardozo. He expressed to somebody a desire to meet me. I was invited to dinner at some friend of his that I also knew. I remember this well. Miss Jay didn't know about my being invited to dinner. This I remember myself. I've quoted Miss Jay so much because she stimulates my memory and corrects it. When I was writing my book, The Roosevelt I Knew, I could not have gotten through it if I hadn't had the opportunity to correct my memory. It's like refreshing your memory. A person goes on the witness stand and says, “Since yesterday I have refreshed my memory,” by which you mean you've looked back at your diary, your calendar, or consulted your secretary. My book was a book almost entirely of memory. Without her to correct my memory and to keep things in order logically and to make sure I wasn't mixing up things, I couldn't have

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