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was that the children of the family exchanged gifts with each other. When one person began to do all the giving, the real experience of Christmas giving was lost. I called that to their attention, writing a very nice letter. I suggested that in the future no gifts be given. I was informing the referees, examiners, doctors and others that none would be received this year. But I wanted them to know that it was not done in any spirit of ill will, lack of appreciation or belief that they were attempting to corrupt anybody. It was just that I thought the time had come to end the practise.

I must say I think there were a few people in the Department who were greatly disappointed. They enjoyed their presents. I'm sure they weren't corrupted by it, but they kind of enjoyed getting them. They sort of depended on the turkey that came along from the Butcher's Mutual, and so forth. Not all of them got whisky as many of our referees were teetotallers and it wouldn't have been an appropriate gift. Not all companies did that.

I wrote directly to the President of the company, because I thought that would be the best way to get the circulation down the line that it was not to be done. I had a great many letters back expressing approval and appreciation. They thought it was probably the right thing to do. They were glad that I knew that no harm had been intended and were glad to know that none had been done.

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