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make this speech in Rochester, or in Albany, or way upstate, or in the Southern tier, thinking of the composition of the population in the Southern tier and what will appeal to them.

I used to work with Barney a good deal. He called on anybody he wanted and we'd thrash it all out, including Belle Moskowitz, though she wasn't too much in the picture then. She never had any official position. George Van Namee was Al Smith's secretary. Then he became Counselor. Smith had several different secretaries. I don't think he ever made Mrs. Moskowitz his secretary. She was unofficial and she was quite something later on. She was “it.”

We all contributed. All kinds of people would contribute to the campaign. We'd put together the things we though the Governor ought to take, and ought to say. Shientag would note them all down and make an outline. Then he'd talk with the Governor, or one or two of us would talk with the Governor. The Governor would say, “Now, I'll say some thing like this....” Then he would say it the way he was going to say it. Shientag would fill in the gaps. Shientag would find the illustrative material. Shientag would be sure to verify the dates, but the Governor practically never forgot. He would know who ran on every ticket for every year since he was eighteen years old. He never forgot. He was always right. You would call on the people you thought

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