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underwrite this organization although they didn't want to have the whole say in it. This organization was going to aid in the education of immigrant people and to make a deliberate plan to bring them into relationship with the other elements of New York life.

They waited upon me to know if I would be interested in becoming the Executive Secretary of that. I had known Mr. Woodin before, but not as well. After giving the matter a little thought, I said, “Yes, I would.” That was all right. I prepared to do that. Right after the 1st of the year when Governor Nathan Miller made his plans known to us I took over with the Council of Immigrant Education, as it was called. The word Council was used because there were two or three participating organizations among which there were at least one, if not two organizations, of foreign-born people themselves. There was a Polish-American Citizens League of which Eddie Rybicki, a labor leader whom I knew, was the head.

There were quite a number of very interesting people involved in this. Dr. La Flame, a Presbyterian minister, was involved in it. I don't know what he represented, but it was some Protestant Church organization that was interested in immigrants. He was a lovely person - one of the most charming and delightful men that I have ever met. He could crack a joke and was awfully nice. The Roman Catholic priest

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