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what kind of a man he was. He had periods of illness and during periods of illness he sometimes disappointed audiences and disappointed conference groups who expected him. He didn't turn up. That was a disappointment to some people and therefore they didn't find it possible to rely on him for leadership in some of these fields.

I doubt very much if he would have taken a leading part in the legislative campaign anyhow, because it was contrary to the policy of the AF of L and contrary to Gompers' policy. He wouldn't have stepped out of line. He was well-disposed toward this legislation personally and would personally assure us that he was for it.

He was a romantic type of figure. He had the capacity for making a beautiful speech and that was very important. At this moment I forget whether he was a Welshman or a Scotchman. I was about to say he was Welsh, but perhaps he was Scotch. I think he came from a Scotch family. That's important because so many of the miners that are great speakers are Welshmen. It goes with the Welsh temperament to be a good speaker. I think John Mitchell was Scotch though and did not come from Wales. He didn't have that background. I just knew him as a public speaker, but not any very personal acquaintance until I came on the Industrial Commission. He'd been appointed to that Commission as a Democrat. He was an

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