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Roosevelt was inaugurated on January 1, 1929. I've gotten to the point where I've been to so many inaugurations of Governors of the State of New York that they all blend together. This was Roosevelt's first, but I wasn't so interested or impressed by things as I was by early ones. I happen to remember one of Herbert Lehman's very clearly for some reason or other. I think they were all just alike, or so nearly alike, that they all blend into one picture.

It's always held in the chamber of the Assembly. They put up a special platform. The public officials, either of the outgoing or of the incoming Governor, sit on the platform and are properly seated. At Roosevelt's certainly the Roman Catholic bishop, as well as the Episcopal Bishop of Albany, was there. Bishop G. Ashton Oldham was there. He had on full regalia. He was a very handsome, great big tall man with gray hair. He wore the orimson and a crimson skull cap. He looked very handsome and very fine. I remember that plainly.

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