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“Such as what?” he would say.

“Well, such as the dust that comes out from pearl buttons, such as the dust that comes out from an aluminum grinding operation.” We had known that there were explosive elements in gasoline and things like that. We had known that there were explosive elements in some kinds of other solid chemicals. We'd even known for many, many years that there were explosion hazards in grain elevators on accout of the dust, but “I want to tell you about the dust hazards in non-explosive materials.”

Then I would tell him. I would say, “There's been an explosion in a small plant that's not in the State of New York fortunately. The report on it is this. It seems to be that it's the proportion of air to the proportion of dust that does it. Any little spark will set it off and sometimes it appears to be spontaneous.”

Then I would tell him what I had told him, because he would get interested and say, “Now, what do they do at this place that had the aluminum explosion? Was it anything like Massena?” He'd divert you. You couldn't tell the whole story. You'd have to go on to say, “Well, Massena is different, although there's an aluminum plant there.”

Then when you got all through, he'd interrupted you a dozen times about the details of the localities - “How many

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