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Samuel Rosenman in his book Working with Roosevelt says that one of the issues of the 1930 campaign was the question of Roosevelt's judical appointments. I don't remember that, but then I had little to do with that phase and Rosenman had a great deal to do with the bar associations and would know more about that. I almost think that Roosevelt appointed Francis X. Mancuso to the judiciary, but I'm not sure. I know that some people whom I thought were less than perfect were appointed as judges. I can remember being told by someone - whom I don't remember - that we couldn't be too particular and after all the Irish came up, the Jews were coming up and there would be some good people among them. The Italians were coming up and there would be some good people among them. They would have to be appointed. Whether these people were appointed by Smith or by Roosevelt I can't say, but people were being appointed as judges, chosen largely because they came from certain nationalities or religious groups. That was the first consideration. The second consideration was, “How well are

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