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always was talking about it and was talking about other kinds of improvements.

We were going to the other side of the river one day, on the Fort Lee Ferry, or some other ferry, and I remember that we saw the waterfront. There were one or two private yacht clubs, such as the Riverside Yacht Club, a very good one, and one or two others. Moses, driving along in an automobile on a Sunday afternoon picnic, said, “Isn't this a temptation to you? Couldn't this waterfront be the most beautiful thing in the world with lots of public clubs and boat stations where you can keep your boat?” He was a sailor-man. He liked to boat very much and we liked to boat very much. We always kept a boat. He saw that people who kept boats had no place to leave them. They could only use them two or three times a week, but there should be a place to leave them where they were safe and had a watchman, just as you have at a private club. Only he wanted it a public thing where everybody could come and there were possibilities for the use of this water. There were thousands of yachtsmen who would like to have small sail or motor boats. That beautiful river is just adapted to it. Moses envisaged what it would be like on a Sunday afternoon with everybody out. He saw the possibilities when there was nothing there but the few private yacht clubs, the sugar refineries and

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