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and Miss Wald both were very much given to gathering in every liberal-minded person who showed his face in politics, gathering them in to be concerned about their settlement and the life of the people in the neighborhood of the settlement they were devoted to.

I remember going to a meeting at Greenwich House, some kind of a neighborhood meeting at which LaGuardia spoke. He was then a Congressman. I remember his talking about the Norris-LaGuardia Act, the abuse of the injunction, the ideal of a better city, plans for the betterment of the people, and so on. He was, of course, very flattering in his comments on Greenwich House and on what it had meant as a lighthouse in a very rundown neighborhood, showing what could be done if somebody took an interest, if you planted a center of intelligent activity, what you could get in the way of health services, tenement house services, playgrounds, recreation, inspections, condemnation proceedings on certain rookeries that still existed prior to the coming of Greenwich House, and so on.

I remember all that. I remember that Mrs. Simkhovitch must have told him about the old Rookery, which hadn't been standing for some time but which Mrs. Simkhovitch showed me when I first came to Greenwich House. She showed me the great set of buildings called the Rookery. It was located where

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