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local people. Henry Hooker was there. Langdon Marvin was there. Some of the stalwarts in the party were there. Fred Green was there, though I'm not too sure about that.

I've always been in and around New York or Hyde Park every election night except '48, because the headquarters of the Democrats are always in New York. That's where it's fun to be and a pleasure to be. You go over to the Times. You go over to the Governor's headquarters. I suppose Herbert Lehman was running for Governor in '32. His headquarters were across the street in that building on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street.

However, I do remember going up to Hyde Park and I remember the trip back. I remember saying to somebody, “This is a crazy thing for us to do. I'm simply dead. What a crazy thing to do!” We agreed that it was crazy, but it was fun.

As to who was up there, I couldn't say. Moley might have been up there and I might have no memory of him now. He certainly wasn't among the people that I was accustomed to talking with or thinking about in political terms at all. The regular politicians would be the people that I would remember.

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