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Marxian preoccupation on the part of the working press.

Following through with the press and the fact that a statement that is not true gets printed over and over again, I just want to say one thing. In an article about Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby in Time Magazine about a month ago (April or May 1953) they say, among other things, that she told the press that she was to be called Mrs. Secretary. I don't read Time regularly, but somebody sent me that issue because I had been interviewed about Mrs. Hobby and had given an evening to this person who came down from Chicago to interview me. That was Miss Ruth Mehrtens, whom I had known before. She's very competent person. The man at the head of the Time bureau in Chicago called me and asked me if I would see her, that they were doing what they called a cover article on Mrs. Hobby and that they wanted to interview me not so much about her, as about some of the things that I would know about the job.

So she came down and spent an evening. Among other things she said, “I hear that Mrs. Hobby has announced that she's to be called Mrs. Secretary. How did you ever get to be called Madam Secretary?”

So I told her just what I have said here, that Henry T. Rainey, Speaker of the House of Representatives and as such principal authority on parliamentary and official usage,

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