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That's a trick I shall never forget - making a rug out of cuttings or clippings of burlap. It's the most wonderful thing. It's nice and warm, keeps your feet from that awful contact with the cold earth which is so awful.

I remember a few things like that about the way they handled that group. They were trying to settle them.

We had in addition to that a much larger group of migrant laborers, groups that were attracted into this country deliberately from Mexico by what amounted to almost press gangs of the great vegetable farmers and fruit farmers of California and the Rio Grande Valley. They were really the serious problem. This had been going on for years during the period of the boom when everybody learned to want fresh lettuce from California every day, and so forth. There had been a great increase in the number of these people who came in. They were largely Mexican, or if not Mexican-born were of Mexican parentage in the United States. They were just plain wanderers, camping anywhere, following the crop, not following it in any organized way, entirely disorganized, disorderly, doing all kinds of stoop labor, all kinds of hard agricultural labor.

They traveled with their families, carrying along women and children, household pots and pans. They camped

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