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great. I remember saying to myself once, “He wants to be loved by God, and he doesn't know God does love him. He doesn't completely grasp that essential spiritual fact.”

He wanted to be loved by somebody he admired. It was the greatest luck in the world that he ran into a perfectly lovely woman who loved him and would marry him. He was not the kind of a man who most young women would have married. He had a very peculiar personality, as well as appearance. She was an awfully nice woman. She wasn't a woman, as I knew her, who ever would have been limited in her choice of husbands. She would have been likely to have had a reasonable opportunity to marry several perfectly ordinary people. But she did love Louis. She cherished him. But it didn't satisfy him. It wasn't enough. No loving that she could do was enough because she wasn't important enough. He tended to think of her as an attachment to himself, a part of himself. He longed to be loved by something outside of himself.

The Roosevelt family, including Mrs. Sara Roosevelt and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, were all nice and kind to him, and sweet to him. He just basked in the sunshine of their smiles and friendship. It was interesting to see him just loosen up.

As for Franklin, I don't yet know just how he happened

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