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Garner didn't always hear very well. He often didn't hear what other people had to say. Sitting at the end of the table he piped up in the middle of this, pounded the table and said, “Mr. President, Mr. President! I've been through this campaign. I read our campaign book. It seems to me that we promised that we would do something for the poorer kind of people. That's what we promised - we'd do some thing for the poorer kind of people. By George! We've got to do it! And we've got to do it quick!” It was a very intense statement - “We've got to do it quick for the poorer kind of people. These poor devils are having an awful time. They are really suffering. What this lady here says (I'd said something about some recent report that had been brought to me about the conditions of the boys in the railroad yards in St. Louis, or something like that) is just terrible. This can destroy our population. We've got to do something quick.”

Everybody agreed that something must be done quick. They all said, “Well, you know, we'll have to get a lot of money from Congress. It's going to take money. It takes money to do this. If the states have run out of money, we can't wait too long to get the money in there. Wherever the states have got the money, they've got to spend it. Where they've exceeded the debt limit and haven't got any

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