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Russians had built the Dneprostroi Dam. It was a great project. We had illustrations of it in this country in some of the illustrated and scientific magazines. It was a conception of building a great dam in the River Dnieper and establishing it as a headquarters of hydroelectric power. Whether there was irrigation attached to it or not, I don't know, but anyhow it was to be a great hydroelectric center and their first great power project. Whatever other great light and power establishments they had had under the old regime of the Czars had been pretty well focused on lighting for cities, but this was to be a great power project for general distribution as well as for lighting and manufacturing.

I first heard of Hugh Cooper in articles about the Dneprostroi Dam and about this Project in which they had gotten this American engineer to help them. I think he was the Principal engineer in charge of the whole operation. The Russians had engaged him. He was a private party who had retired from the U.S. Army Engineers. I think he was a West Point graduate, engineer trained, had always been in the Corps of Engineers, and had done a number of very able engineering projects in the United States for the Army. He had had to do with Mississippi flood control problems. He had been employed by the Russians and had worked at that job in Russia for many years.

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