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come out with something which could be done and which he could do. That was one of the things that was always trying to people, particularly to the theorlsts. He would come out at the theory they had evolved, but he would come out at something which he personally could do.

He couldn't do all the things that could be suggested for a situation. It wasn't within his inner, personal, and spiritual power to do all those things. But he had an intuitive knack for doing something decisive, I call it the ability to receive divine guidance without knowing whether you're getting it or something else. He did have the ability to get into his working consciousness, by a combination of his mentality, his emotions, and his lower cranastic reflexes, the concept of him, a man, Franklin Roosevelt, doing something, with his personality, his limitations, his advantages, his talents, whatever they were, or his lack of talent. So what he would emerge with wouldn't always suit the theoretical people. As it turned out it was pretty nearly what he could get done.

It was out of that What he got his reputation for his knack as a politician, which I think he had, but I do think it was never a thought-out knack. I think sometimes he began to reduce to a principle certain things which he tried on intuition and found had worked. He would reduce that

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