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Getting back to the NRA, the bill went through rather easily and quickly. It was done. The President signed it. In these weeks between my talk with Baruch, and then with the President, about Johnson, I had, of course, been alerted by Baruch to the idea that there were some weaknesses about Johnson. I had begun observing him more carefully. Now that he apparently felt perfectly certain that he was going to run it, and that it was a success, he began to say and do things that were somewhat revealing of a temperament and point of view that might be queer. I can't think of any other word to use - rather peculiar, I guess. I realized that he was going to be a peculiar public officer and would be difficult to deal with on many points, that he could run away with himself, and could run away with the President. I could see that if the President fancied he was going to manage him, he was wrong.

I began to watch Johnson very closely and I saw and learned a number of things that I had not known about his peculiarities of temperament, his excessive temper and excessive drinking. In the meantime, I did see him on occasions when I knew he'd been drinking too much. I learned

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