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purpose of this act, then delegating to an administrative body, either a commissioner or a commission, the duty and right of making rules and regulations, and making amendments thereto, modifications from, and even discretionary decisions. This is almost essential when you come to regulating such things as automobile licensing. In just that one thing alone the legislature can't write out into a law a permanent set of qualifications for the licensing of an automobile. They must allow that to be done by an administrative body which can make changes quickly, as designs of the automobile, methods of operating, and conditions of traffic change.

So it has been in all other areas. I had operated in an area where the Legislature of the State of New York had given to the industrial board a very large delegation of authority to make rules and regulations for the conduct of factories under the general purposes of the act as stated in the law. I had always been very aware and alert of how hazardous it was to do that and how many safeguards you must set up around your own exercise of your own administrative power delegated to you by the Legislature.

When we were drafting the legislation originally, way back in 1913 or '14, dealing with Bernard Shientag, then not long out of law school, and just a young law assistant in Mr. Elkus's office, who had been recently instructed in

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