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With the adoption of NRA and especially Section 7(a), there was not only a reemployment boom but an organizing drive on the part of labor. Following the adoption of Section 7(a) two or three of the unions entered into a terrific scramble and organizing drive. The union didn't realize immediately what this section meant. They took a chance on it. The chance that they took led them to make false statements

Before that, I'd better go into my relations with unions and labor leaders. We reorganized the Conciliation Service as we went along, and not all at once. We had to deal with strikes all during this period and couldn't suspend everything to reorganize the service. It's like having the kitchen painted; you have to cook the dinner even while the kitchen's being painted. We had to settle strikes and labor disputes even though we were reorganizing the Conciliation Service. You couldn't just wait for it to be done. And, of course, these ideas of how to reorganize it would only come to me as I met the situations. As I found that I

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