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his relief comes. He can't leave any post uncovered for a minute. Somebody's got to be there all the time.

I remember that Alex was fooling with some kind of fractional hours, which I thought impractical. At any rate, that was the kind of discussion and preparation we made for the passage of the steel code.

Then I invited the members of the steel code committee, who were the presidents of the big steel companies and their lawyers, to come to my office to sign the code. They understood why I had been dealing with them, because I was looking out for the interests of labor. So I asked William Green to come down for that occasion. Green didn't understand the code and I did. It hadn't been explained to him, but we were going to write him a brief speech to give on the platform on the day the code was heard.

We took the library of the Department of Labor for this meeting. It wasn't a very large room, but it was one of the largest rooms in the Department of Labor. We didn't expect to be more than fifteen minutes at it. There was nothing to do but sign it, as everything was understood all the way around.

Green came early and he and I waited for the members of the industry. In came Taylor, Grace, Girdler, Irwin, their lawyers, and half a dozen other people. I greeted

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