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not even the duty to write a report to the Governor, or write a report to the state legislature annually as to labor conditions. In other words, it was a pro forma item in the state government, if there was a labor department at all, but for the most part there wasn't any.

Georgia was one of the states where there wasn't any labor department. Eugene Talmadge was Governor then. There was, however, quite an active AF of L organization, mostly in the building trades, of course, in Georgia. They had been fairly aggressive, I remember.

I had been invited to go to Georgia to make a speech about the NRA. There had also been a big CCC camp and movement in Georgia - a great many people in the CCC in Georgia. We had also set up the National Re-employment Service, an emergency employment office in the Department of Labor, which was charged with the duty of recruiting the people for the CCC, and passing upon whether they were eligible to go into the CCC. Then, as public works programs came into being, these same emergency employment offices, which I had set up in the Department of Labor under Frank Persons, were authorized to be the agencies through which the workers for the public works projects were recruited and the workers even for the emergency works projects - that is, Harry Hopkins's project. The Congress in passing these appropriations would always tack on certain specifications, such

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