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I have described about how before the President appointed Johnson and before the NRA Act became law, the President had already become a little doubtful as to whether Johnson was the best choice and had begun to be aware of some of his eccentricities and imaginative qualities. Therefore, when the time came to set up this structure he divided Title II from Title I, Title II being the public works. He took the public works away from Johnson and the NRA. He had begun to have some doubts about Johnson's wisdom and stability, although he appreciated enormously his drive, industry, and kind of quality of leadership - quite a remarkable quality of leading people to get active and not just sit there like bumps on logs as they had been doing in the industrial life of this country.

Two or three weeks after the NRA was formed, after Johnson was appointed, had accepted the bitter blow of having the public works taken away from him, and was already functioning, preparing codes, and holding hearings, something else happened. Now I don't remember who suggested this to the President, or whether he thought of this himself. I don't like to blame myself for having thought of it, but

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