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of the Interior, because the Secretary of the Interior was administering the public works program which was generally agreed to be of some economic relationship to the NRA - that is, the work given out by public works would have some stimulating effect upon industry. That was Ickes. He appointed the Secretary of Labor because of the fact that the purpose of the whole thing was not only to speed up industry, but to give anemployment, and because the labor sections of the codes were vital in the concept which the President had Approved. That, of course, was Perkins. It's my impression that he appointed also the Secretary of Agriculture, it's just an impression now. The others I'm positive about, but with regard to the Secrotary of Agriculture I still feel a little vague as to whether he was appointed or not, although it's my imprassion that he was on it. If he was on it, be reticed very early from it and just stopped coning, but it's my impression that at one time he had some relation to it.

The rest of us, however, were a bona fide committee. Cummings almost immediately appointed the Assistant Attorney General, Harold Stephens, to take his place. That was very good and very appropriate. Stephens is new a Federal Judge (1953).

We all met together and all understood why we were

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