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in the Congress or about to be introduced. It was in that period when the news was out that it was going to be done, but the detail of it was not out. There was a great support for it. It was obvious that Baruch's organization, including George Peek, were all very much in it. Nobody ever knew exactly what Baruch's organization was. I doubt whether they know today what is his organization. It's something that he keeps very secret, but John Hancock was the works of it all right.

Baruch came out just, we thought, to pay a social call, which was all right. We were delighted to see him. It was a hot night. We gave him some ginger ale. He sort of got me aside. He was a little deaf in one ear even then. He said, “Now sit on the other side where you're on my good ear.” When the others were talking, he said to me, “Tell me, is there anything to this rumor about who is going to head this new plan?” There was rumor and speculation in the papers as to who would be head of this new thing, with Johnson's name being mentioned, as was Clarence Dykstra's, who had been a city manager of one of those western cities, then was head of the University of Wisconsin. It was fashionable to admire Dykstra. Everybody thought Dykstra was fine and nobody could have given you a completely rational, analytical answer as to why they knew him to be

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