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That, of course, created great pain in the minds of meh like Stettinius who thought they were going to make some small agreement with a small number of men that the union was representing. They thought that the larger number of men was not going to belong to the union because the company was never going to force them to by making a closed shop agreement. So Murray, who wasn't born yesterday, had stolen the merch on them. They were out. Of course, it's quite easy to keep men out once they're out. They have their techniques of doing that.

My memory is that they separated Big steel from Little Steel in this strike and that they didn't pull them at the seme time. Little Steel would recall Republic Steel, Inland Steel, and some smaller firms. Tom Girdler was the head of Republic and he was always regarded as a bad actor. Bethlehem, U.S. Stell and Lackawanna were Big Steel. The principal ones were U.S. and Bethlehem. Murray played this game of trying to separate Eugene Grace of Bethlehem Steel from the officars and operators of United States teel, and I may say it was not too difficult, because they were already separated by certain competitive interests, were very cagey with each other. Although they always spoke in vary pacific and reasonably friendly terms of each other publicly,

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