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I was in San Francisco several times during those three or four years on different kinds of business. On one occasion I was there at some meeting having to do with the Department of Labor. I was there then for two or three days. I stayed at the St. Francis Hotel. I recall this because politics were hot about this time. Culbert L. Olson was Governor on this occasion and there was a lot of very hot and confused politices in the whole of California. The San Francisco waterfront was reasonably quiet. This was the time that I met Judge Sloss for the first time, except over the telephone. The waterfront was quiet enough so that I could, without creating too much comment, see both the union members and the Waterfront Employers' Association. That is, there was nothing to negotiate about, so I wouldn't be put down as negotiating, or starting something.

Mr. Lapham was also on the seene at this period. A considerable period before this visit to San Francisco which I'm now discussing, and shortly after, or just

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