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Congress, and certainly it will take a great deal of discussion even to get it to the point where you can get a friendly reception for the introduction of any such bill.”

What he didn't know apparently, and I didn't know, was that already Cummings had arranged for its introduction the next morning in the House. I know that Cummings did not say that in the meeting.

Then the members of Congress went out and the Cabinet was left there by itself. Then there was some discussion. I think that practically the whole of the discussion was what I have said first, “We feel pretty confused, Mr. President. We don't under-stand this.” The President didn't seem candid to me. Most of us said, “Isn't there some other way out of it? What's the matter with Hatton Summers' bill? Why don't we do that?” There was no enthusiasm for this project of Cummings, but not a frank discussion by any means.

When we finally broke out of meeting, there was a certain constraint. We were all embarrassed by the presence of the members of Congress originally. We wouldn't say anything against it in their presence under any circumstance. We wouldn't express our

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