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When the Russian Revolution took place, which I remember clearly, it seemed to have nothing in particular to do with the rest of the world. It was just an episode which one read about in the newspaper. People that I knew were in St. Petersburg or Moscow when the uprising took place and hardly noticed it. It was so small and inconsequential. of course, we know now that it was all planned and that they just took the strategic points, but there wasn't much gunfire and not much excitement in the streets, except around a certain area. Of course, there was a muntiny on the warship Potemkin, which must have been a planned episode. But people who were right there hardly knew it was going on. It was weeks before they caught on to what had happened.

Of course, it was the Duma revolution at first in which Pavel Miliukov came to be the president in apparently orderly style. An apparently orderly set of people were attempting to establish parliamentary government. At least, that's the way it looked to those of us who only read it in the New York Times.

So far as I could see it had no particular effect upon any group in America, and certainly not upon such parts of the trade union movement as I had any

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