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personally that France was well able to take care of the Germans, that there wasn't any question that the Germans were terrified of the French and that the President could be sure that there would be no aggressive moves that France couldn't stop. Bill told that to me and I know he told it to Roosevelt.

There certainly was a great difference in the matters to which Roosevelt gave his attention most effectively after Munich. It is true that with the growing English fear of Germany and with our growing knowledge of what was actually going on in Germany, his mind turned in that direction. At first nobody paid any attention to all this. Hitler was another political upstart and would pass. People didn't catch onto it for a long time.

I think I've spoken about Dorothy Thompson electrifying a party at my house when she had just come back from Germany. This was in '33. She electrified us by telling us about this fellow Hitler. He was just coming up then, wasn't in power yet. Nobody was paying any attention to him. I remember Dorothy Thompson telling this crowd of absolutely silent, stricken people what kind of a person he was, what kind of a movement was back of him, what they would do. She was so definite in her information, so decisive in her opinions,

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