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steel, high grade, unique, unusual, which was only used for special purposes. They had been able to keep alive, and keep themselves a good and proper industry because of this specialization. They weren't competing with the great mass production steel companies.

He was a very decent and reasonable men. I told him that it would never apply to steel. I remember thinking about him all this time when it was being borne in on me that I had got to rule that it did apply. I felt very badly because I felt as though I had inadvertently misled, not only myself, but this very decent man who had come in to see me. He was an exceptionally decent employer type, very well educated, very philosophical, and not at all unwilling to do the right thing. I remember feeling very badly about that.

But under lawyers' advice and the necessities of the situation, I naturally gave way and didn't stick out for my private interpretation of what the law meant. My private interpretation was based upon what I had intended it to mean, rather than what the words actually meant. Anyhow, from that time on Walsh-Healey was applied to everything.

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