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opened the door into the car. There was Steve Early pulling off his coat, vest and tie, along with everyone else. The whole aisle was full of men's wearing apparel. They were tearing off their collars, their neckties, their black coats, everything.

It was a comic sight as people peeled off clothes, tried to get comfortable, and groaned in their agony. The president, of course was tearing off his collar too. He had his usual Presidential private car. I think I went in to call on him that night. By the time I went to call on him, after supper, he had gotten himself cooled off, was in a good seersucker coat and was able to talk. His first words were, “Oh, did you ever hear anything like that, Frances? Did you ever hear anything like that?”

I remember Jesse Jones saying that night, “I'll put it in my will that I'll haunt anybody who gives me a state funeral.”

The trip back was largely getting ourselves let down from the terrible strain we had been under and getting normal and human again. Also an awful lot of politics were spoken. It seemed to me that political talk began right away on a serious level, discussing this, that or the other State campaign, how Willkie

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