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The Schechter case, at any rate, was decided in May of 1935 and that spelled the downfall of the NRA and the wage-hour provisions in the codes. The wage-hour bill was not introduced until 1937 and was passed in 1938. There had been five or six very adverse decisions from the Supreme Court on matters having to do with child labor, the NRA, which was a method - a method - of controlling child labor, hours, wages and working conditions, and on one or two other things. The child labor aspects of the NRA, I think, were taken up in another case. The court again turned it down.

All this brought about a barrage of denunciation of the Supreme Court by all hands, including some of the more sober, but progressive, newspapers of the United States, like the New York Times and the Boston Transcript, which still was printed, and the Springfield Republican. There was grave criticism of the unwisdom of the Supreme Court in not recognising what the times were

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