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the President when Roosevelt died and did chores for the President. Truman later appointed him Secretary of the Treasury. The he moved into the Court, where he is now (1952) Chief justice of the Supreme Court.

So I think only people still alive and around of the Roosevelt Cabinet that Truman inherited were Wallace, Francis Biddle, and me.

Jimmy Byrnes was a member of Truman's Cabinet at one time, and it was perfectly obvious that Byrnes had not been invited to this dinner on December 4th. I think that every other member of the Cabinet who had ever been in the Cabinet had been invited, including Louis Johnson, about whom there was as much controversy and who had been as summarily dismissed as anybody ever was. J. Howard McGrath, who also had been dismissed from the Cabinet, was there. I can't swear that Byrnes was not invited, but it's my impression from what I said to somebody who ought to know that he was not invited and that he was the only one. The scars were too recent, and the deviltry was too close to the moment to make that possible. Also, Adlai Stevenson was there, and it would have been unpleasant to have had Byrnes there with him.

There was one person who wasn't invited whom Henry Wallace and I speculated about. That was Jane Ickes. Harold Ickes is dead, but his wife still lives. I was little surprised that

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