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White was interesting. I don't know whether what he said was true or not, but at least he made a great impression on all of us. I think that those conferences, so far as I can recall, are the only times that I ever saw him. We met every week for six months or so. This was a high level conference.

At any rate, that was the only way I knew white. He seemed like a very well-informed and modest man. I was astonished when they began a year or so ago (1952) to talk about his being a Communist all the time. That seemed very odd, but God only knows who was what in those days. I don't think that's been definitely proven, and I wouldn't even desecrate his memory by saying so. At least, I didn't know him well enough to have the slightest opinion on the matter. It was just surprising from what I had seen. I should have said he was able, well-informed, and that's all. But I admit it was a very limited contact.

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