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it was paid for by that committee. It was distributed by Another organization which had a fine name which I can easily discover, of which the Reverend William Kernan was the President. It had a number of very good people on it. They were all suitable people, and it had some good labor people on it. They were to distribute these weekly articles through the labor Press throughout the country.

Whereas that wasn't a terribly time consuming job, I didn't know how much time it would consume, and I had agreed to do that. I pled that as a reason I couldn't keep my mind on his book, and he said, “Oh, but you can do both. That's all right.”

Well then, I pled that I had to go to Europe, to the I.L.O. “Well, that can all be arranged. I just want to get you signed up.”

Anyhow, he kept at me and kept at me. After I left town, he kept sending me telegrams. George Bye is an easy-going fellow, but when he sees a piece of business, he wants to get it, you know. He conceived of this book and he thought that I could write a good one. After talking with me two or three times, he thought I had real insight, and he was determined that I would do it.

Then he got the Viking Press interested in it, you see. Of course he did all the jockeying with them, how much of an

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