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Resources for Students of Arabic

The Arabic Resource Center

Located in Prof. Ben Amor's office (601A Kent), the Center is in the making, but it already contains a collection of music, videos, maps, children's books, calligraphy materials, website addresses, information on Arabic summer programs, etc.

Newspapers and Magazines
  • Butler and Lehmann libraries have a wide selection of Arabic-language newspapers and magazines.
  • Rashid Sales Company (also books, videos, tapes and CDs), Court Street, one block south of Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, (718) 852 3295.
  • Universal Magazines, 1586 Broadway.
  • Newsstands in New York and New Jersey (al-Hayat, al-Sharq al-Awsat, al-Ahram, etc.)
  • Download paper and magazine articles in Arabic.
  • Al-Huda, 1193 Fulton Street.
  • Dahesh Heritage Bookstore, 304 West 58th Street (at Columbus Circle).
  • Sufi Books, 227 West Broadway (south of Canal Street), (212) 334 5212.
TV and Radio Programs
  • SCOLA (Satellite Communications for Learning) at the Media Center (116B Lewisohn) and cabled dorm rooms broadcast live and taped news from some Arab countries. Contact 116B Lewisohn for a schedule. (
  • Channel 62/67 (Brooklyn and Queens); 65 (new Jersey) (daily) (212) 425 8822.
  • WSOU 89.5 FM; Caravan Radio Program, weekly on Sundays, 4:00-6:00 p.m.
  • BBC International (also on the web), VOA (Voice of America), and short wave radio (daily).
  •, are websites where you can listen to taped and live radio broadcats.
  • Multi Kulti, Thompson Street and West 3rd Street
  • HMV, Tower Records, Rashid Sales, Virgin Records
  • World Music Institute, 49 West 27th Street, Suite 930, (212) 545 7526.
Other areas of interest
  • The Middle East Institute at Columbia
  • The Kevorkian Center at NYU
  • Several Arab countries have missions in the vicinity of the United Nations
  • Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
  • The Brooklyn Museum
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art