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BEST Training on Evidence Based Practice


Welcome to the BEST training on Evidence Based Practice in Social Work. This training describes a process or an approach to enhance practice and policy decision making. Ultimately aimed at strengthening the linkage between research knowledge and practice, the specific components of this process involve posing specific, and well-structured questions, searching effectively and efficiently for the best evidence, evaluating any evidence that you identify by research standards and your own agency and professional judgment, and finally taking action based on your assessment.


The original training was developed for Social Work practitioners, students, and administrators working in teams at social work agencies in New York City including The Educational Alliance, The Center for Family Life, and the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, and has been modified based on their valuable input.


The training consists of ten modules, which are available for download from the links below. Throughout the training, there are handouts and worksheets that you will need in order to complete the hands-on activities. These handouts are numbered and are identified throughout the training at the appropriate slide.


Some of the materials and methods presented in this training were based on the work of Leonard Gibbs. You may find his book “Evidence-Based Practice for the Helping Professions: A Practical Guide with Integrated Multimedia” (2000) and website ( to be useful and accessible companion resources.



BEST Training Modules:

Module 1: Evidence Based Practice Introduction and Overview
Module 2: Question Selection
Module 3: Overview of Research Evidence
Module 4: Search Tools
Module 5: Hands-on Search
Module 6: Troubleshooting the Search
Module 7: Evaluating the Evidence
Module 8: General Findings and Observations
Module 9: Synthesizing Evidence Found
Module 10: Action Plan
















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