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BEST Training

Module 5: Search Demonstration


Overview of Module 5:

Download Module 5: PowerPoint or PDF*


Module 5 Handouts:

Methodology Oriented Locators for Evidence Searching (MOLES)

Search Form

Search Tracking Example


I.   Electronic Demonstration of Search Using a Database (e.g., PsychInfo)

a. Getting to a database (using Google, university website, etc.)
b. Starting a search (using authors, titles, keywords, etc.)
c. Keeping track of searched terms
d. Using abstracts

II.  Introduction to Other Potentially Helpful Websites (Gibbs, Musher, etc.)

III. Review of Search Plan

a. How does the agency see their ability to search?
b. Will there be a single person who is a “searcher”? Several people? Will everyone search? Is there no good candidate?
c. Handout search worksheet (see Gibbs p. 143)





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