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BEST Project

BEST Training

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BEST Training

Module 2: Question Selection


Overview of Module 2:

Download Module 2: PowerPoint or PDF*


Module 2 Handouts:

Five Client-Oriented Practical Evidence Search (COPES) Question Types & Features

Client-Oriented Practical Evidence Search (COPES) Example Worksheet

Client-Oriented Practical Evidence Search (COPES) Blank Worksheet


I. Question selection

a. List project focus area for the question
b. Discuss elements of “researchable” questions (Use handout)

-Relevance to practice
-Not something you already have the answer to

c. Practice making up a few questions (Worksheet)
d. Discussion, refinement and selection of description of question

II. Background Information for the Question

a. Why this question in particular?
b. Population

-Key mental health/substance abuse issues

c. Agency

-Referral or recruitment process
-Resources available (staffing etc.)
-Services currently provided to address problem or issue of interest





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