In addition to attempts at publishing things annually, Philolexian has published other stuff that makes for great reference material when doing research about Philo or whatever, really. They generally fall into two categories. There are the three compendiums published after 1902, including a centennial history of the society, and two subsequent supplements, and then there are the oft-published "Constitution and By-Laws of the Society" handbooks, consisting of the eponymous information along with a variety of other lists, including membership rolls, prize winners, past presidents, etc. Together they make for a rich resource.

Unless otherwise noted, you can find these in the Philolexian Library (somewhere). Be very careful in handling them though, as they are old, crumbly, and very fragile.

Constitutions and By-Laws (with a description of what you can find in them, as confirmed by a Philo who has looked at them)

In addition, the University Archives also has a number of handbooks (with a description according to the card catalog listing of what you can find in them - the aforementioned Philo has not confirmed with his own eyes what they include), including

The Philolexian Society
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