Philolexian Resources:

The Library
The Society maintains an extensive library of books authored by past members of the society, and books featuring past members as subject matter in addition to numerous collections of artefacts. With upwards of 700 volumes, the library features works ranging from Alfred Thayer Mahan's classic The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, to Allen Ginsberg's poetry, to Walter Wager's novels. Jacques Barzun shares shelf space with William Theodore de Bary and Ben Stein. A number of volumes are autographed, including some made out to the Society. The library also includes a portrait collection of famous alumni. Borrowing privelges are limited to full members of the society, but visitors are welcome to browse. Please contact the Keeper of the Halls for access.

The Philolexian Theatre Fund
In 2003 Philo provided institutional support for an original play, and by some twist of fate made money. Since then the society has used this money to fund student productions, including Monitored and The Darkness by the Klaritin Improv Ensemble. Philo can marshall this fund and it's space-reserving ability to back your production, be it a new play or a re-invented classic (Philo smiles on new translations). Put together a production team and submit and an application to the board ASAP.

The Philolexian Society
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