Introduction to the Constitution of the Philolexian Society

The following presents what I believe is Philo's original constitution. It is certainly archaic enough. I should note, however, that an exhaustive search of the Columbiana archives may turn up otherwise.

What's hilarious about this constitution is that, according to Student Development and Activities at Columbia, it is the official constitution of the present Society. Apparently the Avatar, in renewing our group, neglected or chose against writing a new constitution. Oral sources inform that in the late eighties an extensive debate arose about whether or not to revise the document, and concluded that enshrining our original laws, with all their flaws, was the best form of both flattery and of amusement (see, for example, Article II, Section V).

Recently, I have begun revising the old constitution to accommodate our current officers (which do not include President, Vice President, etc., but rather Moderator, Censor, etc) and our more liberal policies (the introduction of women etc). This revision, of course, is unofficial until confirmed by a Constitutional Convention, which may occur in this year of Philo. Without further adieu, however, I should actually present the original Constitution:
-Jonathan Treitel
Scriba, Minister of Internet Truth, Co-Editor of Surgam

Update: The aforementioned constitutional convention took place in the Spring of 2003. After much deliberation and the delicate manipulation of Philo Voting Rules, the document following our Original Constitution passed with great fanfare and fervor.
-Jonathan Treitel
Censor, Moderator Emeritus, Scriba Emeritus, Minister of Internet Truth Emeritus, Co-Editor of Surgam Emeritus

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