Letters of the Nomenclaturist General

Mr. X, esteemed Geezer and original Nomenclaturist General, explains about the Nomenclature committee:

We Philolexians are an opportunistic bunch, so when we heard that some other student organization had gotten free toys from some company by naming that company their official toy company,we immediately decided that a committee should be formed to name the official "X" of the Philolexian Society every week. I volunteered (thus bringing upon myself the Philolexian nickname "Andy X"), and have served as Nomenclaturist General ever since. (Well, during my year in Japan I didn't realize that I still had the position, but upon my return our illustrious censor reprimanded me: "Mr. Shiner is reminded that he is not Mr. Shiner but Mr. X, and still bears all the attached duties and responsibilities.")

Mr. X and Ms. Xan Nowakowski have since retired from the position. Mr. Lukoff and has assumed their responsibilities. Below you'll find links to the letters of all three.

Update 6/7/2005 - Minitrue T.Tan: HOLY CRAP! A nomenclature subject writes back!


Selected Letters of Mr. Lukoff

Selected Letters of Ms. Nowakowski:

Selected Letters of Mr. X:

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