Dear Karyn:

My apology for not responding sooner to your thoroughly entertaining letter regarding the Philolexian Society's naming of Annie's Bunny Pasta and Yummy cheese as it's official macaroni and cheese--an honor, indeed!

Your wit, light-heartedness, commendable writing and vocabulary skills, and creativity are not lost on me. After several readings of your playful paragraphs, I continue to smile and laugh aloud. I will share your letter with my parents who are retired English and Spanish teachers, avid readers, crossword puzzle fanatics, and who become very excited when they are stumped by the occasional unknown word. They, more than anyone I know, will appreciate and enjoy your letter.

I do hope that my response isn't too late and that you haven't moved on from the address that you had way back in February. I am embarrassed that it took several months to get back to you! Please know that I am truly tickled that Bunny Pasta with Yummy Cheese is the preferred macaroni and cheese of the Philolexian Society. This distinction will be something that I always remember and the bright pink box has taken on a more meaningful identity for me.

Thanks again for your kindness, support, and your, in more ways than one, humbling letter. Take care.

Ann E. Withey

The Philolexian Society
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