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Come to this BEAST of a meeting:

Resolved: I will fight a gorilla

Thursday, October 1st at 8:30 pm
Satow Room, 5th floor of Lerner

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The Philolexian Society is Columbia University's oldest and classiest student organization. Established in 1802 by associates of Alexander Hamilton, the Society promotes literary awareness and the art of rhetoric among its members, who have ranged from Allen Ginsberg to Jacques Barzun. Over the years, Philo has evolved significantly. While we honor our predecessors, we don't believe we're living in the 19th century. We just think it might be fun to pretend.

Our weekly meetings are held on Thursday evenings at 8:30 PM in a variety of locations on campus (check each meeting's details to be sure you're heading to the right place) and are open to all. Each meeting centers around an informal debate, but also includes a literary exercise given by one of our members and other means of collective self-entertainment.

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