School: Columbia College
Major: Political Science & Philosophy
Year: 2019
Moniker: Mr. Moïse
Position Held: Conscience of the Society; '18-'19
Board Role: none
Blog: N/A
Twitter: N/A
Information: Mr. Moïse was named by the Society as its Conscience, following his return to the Society
at the conclusion of his suspension from the University. This naming followed incidents of
sexist/racist/prejudicial remarks by "dishonored guests" of the Society, to which Mr. Moïse
notably intervened and corrected, to preserve the decorum of the Society.
Such attestation to the above can be made by Members of the Society, including Justice Johnson,
Ms. Clement, Mr. Street, and others.
Further attestation might be made by one Thomas Vinciguerra, the Society's Avatar.
Such update to the record of the Society was performed in good faith, upon request to its standing Board.
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